семейный психолог одесса



Philosophy Department

Chaikovsky Alexander Vladyslavovych

  The dean of the Philosophy Department, PhD of Philosophy, lecturer, head of the Philosophy of Natural Sciences Departments sub department
  Scientific interests
  The dean studies the philosophical problems of natural sciences, develops issues of methodology of activities – both general and applied.
  He likes photographing flowers, grown with his own efforts in his garden. the professor also puts his heart into the creative decoration of the faculty – both on its walls and its website.

  Ask the dean: philosophy@onu.edu.ua

Geology and Geography Department (GGD)

Cherkez Eugene Anatolievych

  The dean of the Geology and Geography Department, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy, professor, head of the Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology sub department
  Scientific interests
  The professor’s interests include engineering geodynamics, forecasting geological hazards, landslide processes, deformation of the earth’s surface as results of mining operations. He also takes part in modeling and studying the massive material of complicated geological shapes.
  In the past he enjoyed collecting rocks. He is an owner of a rare collection of agates.

  Ask the dean: decanat.ggf @ onu.edu.ua

Philology Department

Chernoivanenko Eugene Michailovych

  The dean of the Philology Department, Doctor of Philology, professor of the Theory of Literature and Comparative Linguistics sub department
  Scientific interests
  The professor is interested in the issues of the literature development process, laws of development of literature in general and specifically in the development of Russian literature.
  He loves reading interesting books, listening to music: beginning with classical music to modern. The dean enjoys fishing. His favorite thing to do is communicating with his granddaughter.

  Ask the dean: philology@onu.edu.ua

The Illichevsk Institute of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU

Dragan Grigory Silvestrovych

  Director of the Illiechevsk Institute of ONU, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor of the Thermophysics sub department of the Physics Department

  Ask the dean: ii@onu.edu.ua

Institute of Innovational and Postgraduate Education(IIPE)

Dunaieva Larysa Nikolaievna

  Director of the Institute of Innovational and Postgraduate Education, Doctor of Politics, professor.

  Ask the dean: iipo@onu.edu.ua

Institute of Social Sciences

Glebov Viktor Viktorovych

  Director of the Institute of Social Sciences, PhD of History, lecturer of the International Relations sub department.
  Scientific interests
  The dean does research in the field of external political thought of the USA and Turkey, studies external politics of the Middle East countries.
  The lecturer enjoys Hobart Earl concerts in the Odessa Philharmonics. He often listens to jazz and works on enriching his collection of such music.

  Ask the dean:: isn@onu.edu.ua

Roman Germanic Philology Department

Golubenko Lidia Nikolaievna

  The dean of the Roman Germanic Philology Department, Doctor of Philosophy, professor, head of the German Philology sub department.
  Scientific interests
  She specializes in text stylistics and pedagogy of higher education. The dean conducts research in methodology of teaching foreign languages.
  The professor enjoys spending free time with grandchildren. She keeps a small collection of bells. Lidia Nikolaievna is from Veliky Novgorod, where the bell was used to call the people for the Veche assembly. Ivan the Terrible ordered to take the bell out of the city to take away the freedom of the town. Lidia Nikolaievna believes that her collection is a part of the history of her homeland and a symbol of freedom.

  Ask the dean: rgf@onu.edu.ua

Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics

Kruglov Viktor Evgenievych

  Director of the Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics, PhD of Physics and Mathematics, professor.
  Scientific interests
  The director conducts research in curve problems and differential equations. The topic of his thesis is “the problem of Riemann on Riemannian surfaces in algebraic functions.
  He enjoys watching detectives and taking care of his garden plot. The director of IMEM grows apples, plums and grapes. He makes homemade wine and grape vodka.

  Ask the dean: viktor.kruglov@mail.ru

History Department

Kushnir Viacheslav Grigorievych

  The dean of the History Department, PhD of History, lecturer of the Archeology and Ethnology of Ukraine sub department
  Scientific interests
  Archeology and ethnology are the main interests of the dean. The takes part in many archeological expeditions in Odessa Region. Beginning from 1990’s he also actively develops projects in historical regional ethnography and its implementation in the learning process.
  He enjoys traveling and trips connected with collecting ethnographic information. The dean does sports, mostly track and field athletics. Sub-master sportsman of USSR, owner of the Cup of Ukraine in military-applied multiathlon.

  Ask the dean: history@onu.edu.ua

Chemistry Department

Menchuck Vasily Vasilievych

  The dean of the Chemistry Department, PhD of Chemistry, lecturer of the physical and colloidal chemistry sub department
  Scientific interests
  The dean is involved in the development of new highly-efficient ways of extracting rare and dispersed chemical elements from waste water and diluted solutions. The main aspect of his scientific research is set to extracting radioactive elements (Uranium, Thorium).
  The dean collects pocket watches and cigar cases. His collection includes approximately 70 units. He also enjoys swimming and badminton. He initiated the offering of a cash prize in the amount of two monthly state tuition fees to the student who wins a badminton match against the dean.

  Ask the dean: chem@onu.edu.ua

The Pervomaisky Institute of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU

Michalchenko Nataliia Viacheslavovna

  Director of the Pervomaisky Institute of the I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, PhD of Psychology, lecturer
  Scientific interests
  The director specializes in studying age and pedagogical psychology. She is a member of the humanitarian council of the Pervomaisky City Executive Committee and researches the problem of development and formation of patriotic reflection, self-conscience among the teenagers.
  The dean enjoys studying the Georgian Language and the culture of the Georgian people. Collects recopies of Georgian cuisine.

  Ask the dean: pi-onu@ukr.net

Foundation Department

Pashenko Nikolay Vasilievych

  Dean of the Foundation Department, PhD of Philology, lecturer.
  Scientific interests
  The dean is a specialist in ethics and theory of literature. He takes particular interest in the theory of metaphors in fiction.
  The dean is a gardener and  cottager. He enjoys active relaxation, constant physical work.

  Ask the dean: fdp@onu.edu.ua

Institute of International Education

Smyntyna Olean Valentynovna

  Director of the Institute of International Education, Doctor of History, professor, head of the Archeology and Ethnology of Ukraine sub department.
  Scientific interests
  Studies the interactions of nature and the society in historical retrospect, conducts research of the history of the Mesolithic period, early human archeology, environmental archeology.
  She loves knitting. Almost all of her house’s napkins and table cloths are knit by the hands of Olena Valentynovna. She believes that such needle therapy helps her to relax. She also likes reading, listening to books on audio and traveling.

  Ask the dean: international_education@onu.edu.ua

Economics and Law Department

Truba Viacheslav Ivanovych

  The dean of the Economics and Law Department, PhD of Law, lecturer, head of the General Law Disciplines department
  Scientific interests
  The dean is  a specialist in Civil and Family Law. He is writing a Doctorate thesis in the issues of Family Laws.
  He enjoys reading, in particular the detectives of James Hadley Chase and Agatha Christie, also likes science fiction and classical literature – both foreign and national. For the past 20 years the dean has been doing fitness.

  Ask the dean: epf@onu.edu.ua

Physics Department

Vaxman Yuriy Fedorovych

  The dean of the Physics Department, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor of the Experimental Physics sub department.
  Scientific interests
  The professor is involved with studying the optical qualities of semiconductors, in particular the development of light-emitting laser materials. The data of this research is applied in infrared laser machinery, which is widely used in medicine.
  The dean is interested in photography. His favorite genre is landscape. He started photographing in black-and-white film and personally developed the slides in the “dark room”.

  Ask the dean: phys@onu.edu.ua

Biology Department

Zamorov Veniamin Veniaminovych

  Dean of the Biology Department, PhD of Biology, lecturer, head of the Hydrobiology and General Ecology sub department
  Scientific interests
  The dean’s interests include hydrobiology, research in the classical field of ichthyology. He studies biology and ecology of the seafloor fish of the Northwestern part of the Black Sea. He studies ecosystems of ponds.
  He enjoys active rest. In the past he did track and field athletics, multiathlon.  Every summer morning for him starts with a swim in the sea near the ONU Hydrobiology station. He believes it is the best way to get an energy recharge, which lasts for the whole day.

   Ask the dean: bio@onu.edu.ua