семейный психолог одесса


Biology Department

  Sub departments: Genetics and Molecular Biology, Hydrobiology and General Ecology, Zoology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Virology, Botany, Physiology of Humans and Animals, Medical Knowledge and Life Safety.
  The feature. Students of the Biology Department have created a scientific society of students, postgraduates and young scientists, which is now actively working and gives young biologists an opportunity to perfect their mastership. October is the traditional time to celebrate Freshman Day. Another irreplaceable part of students’ life are the thematic photo exhibits. The Biology Department day is celebrated in April.

2 Shampansky lane
Tel.: +38 (0482) 68-80-62

Chemistry Department

  Sub departments: Analytical Chemistry, General Chemistry and Polymers, Non-organic Chemistry and Chemical Ecology, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Physical and Colloidal Chemistry.
  The feature. The Chemistry Department is working within the scientific and production chemical and pharmaceutical complex, which naturally functions and develops in Ukraine. It is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science as well as the National Academy of Sciences. This allows lecturers to use the scientific basis of the Physics and Chemistry Intsitute of A.V. Bogatsky of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to train the future specialists. The Department’s Day is celebrated by the Chemists in the end of May. The celebration traditionally includes sports competitions, involving both students and lecturers, and draws interest of other ONU department’s dwellers. During Chemistry Department Day it has become an obligatory point to hold a press conference, where students and lecturers switch places, meaning that the questions are now asked to the professors and lecturers.

14 Elisavetinska (Schepkina) Street
Tel.: +38 (048) 723-82-64
E-mail: decanatchem@onu.edu.ua


Economics and Law Department

  Sub departments: Administrative and Economics Law, Constitutional Law and Justice, General Law Disciplines and International Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Process and Forensics, Civil and Law Disciplines, Economics and Management, Accounting, Analysis and Audit.
  The feature. During the past few years the ELD holds traditional geopardy game “Ex libris”. Every year ELD students determine the smartest ones at the Brain Ring championship, the sportiest at the football championship and the wittiest – at the traditional University quest game before the Department Day.
Homeland Protector’s Day is celebrated by a grand sporting event with multiple competitions.

24/26 French Boulevard
Tel. +38 (048) 776-13-25


Foundation Department

24/26 French Boulevard
Tel.: 63-76-04; 723-05-88

Geology and Geography Department (GGD)

  Sub departments: General and Marine Geology, Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, Physical Geography and Nature Use, Economics and Social Geography, Soil Studies and Soil Geography, Geography of Ukraine, Physical Education and Sports.
  The feature. Approximately 25% of the learning process on the Geology and Geography Department is made up of field, learning and production practice lessons. Department day on GGD is celebrated in the beginning if April.

2 Shampansky lane, Odessa, 65058, Ukraine;
tel.: +38 (0482) 68-79-42
e-mail: decanat.ggf@onu.edu.ua

History Department

  Sub departments: Archeology and Ethnology of Ukraine, History of Ukraine, History of the Ancient World and the Middle Ages, Modern and Contemporary History.
  The feature. The day of the History Department is celebrated in the first half of May. There is a traditional contest for “Pan and Pani” (Mr. And Mrs.), held in the end of November – a celebration of beauty, feelings, creativity and fun. An open Department competition in mini football has been started in 1997 and since then is held twice a year. Besides, the History Department holds competitions in intellectual games, publishes a newspaper, celebrates traditional holidays. The students of the History Department spend their free time in the multiple scientific and tourism groups, one of which, the “Gurt”, is regularly organizing culture studies trips and conferences.

12 Elisavitinska (Schepkina) Street
tel. +38 (048) 723-62-87


Institute of Innovational and Postgraduate Education(IIPE)

  Sub departments: Computer and Informational Technologies, System Programming Support and Technologies of Distance Education, Economics and Modeling of Market Relationships, Clinical Psychology, Social Theories, Economics Cybernetics and Applied Economics, Design, Foreign Languages section.
  Historical landmarks. The institute was created in 1995 and makes up several divisions. It was established for the young people, who have already received a diploma, but couldn’t get a good application to it. On the basis of the obtained education the Institute allows to quickly receive one more specialty, based on the orders of the employment service. This system directs the Institute of Postgraduate Education to re-prepare specialists, who are able to work in the most highly demanded fields.

24/26 French Boulevard, office 8
telephones:   +38 (0482) 68-78-53,
                     +38 (0482) 37-47-64,
                     +38 (048) 734-01-27
Fax:              +38 (048) 711-65-33

Institute of International Education


 7 Mayakovskogo lane, Odessa
 tel.: +38-048-723-84-77
 fax: +38-048-734-80-15
Official site
 e-mail: interstud@onu.edu.ua

Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics

  Sub departments. Departments: Mathematics and Mechanics, Applied Mathematics and IT, Economics, Psychology.
  The feature. Besides obtaining a through preparation in mathematics, economics, mechanics, psychology, management and computer studies, students of the Institute have the opportunity to have their opinions heard in the students’ newspaper of IMEM “RE”, scientific and creative groups. The Comic team of IMEM “There is no truth in the legs” traditionally takes one of the first places in universities’ and city’s competitions of the Club of the Funny and Witty.

2 Dvoryanskaya Street
tel.: +38 (0482) 49-69-26


Institute of Social Sciences

  Sub departments: International Relations, Politics, Sociology, History and World Politics.
  The feature. The defining feature of the Institute is that it prepares specialists of international relations of a very wide range of applications, oriented for work in countries of the Black and Mediterranean Sea regions, as well as the Middle and Far East. Specialists in foreign languages are lecturing at the Institute, in particular the eastern languages (Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew) and Greek Languages. The Turkish Cultural Center is functioning at the Institute.
  Traditionally ISS’s birthday is celebrated in November. The Institute also has its own Internet-forum, where students are able to communicate with each other and with their lecturers.

24/26 French Boulevard
Tel.: +38 (0482) 68-54-61


Philology Department

  Sub departments: Ukrainian Language, Ukrainian Literature, World Literature, Theory of Literature and Comparative Linguistics, Russian Language, General and Slavic Language Studies, Applied Linguistics, Journalism, Bulgarian Philology.
  The feature. The graceful weapon of the Philology Department’s dwellers is the word, so it is natural that the Department publishes several newspapers. These are the “Philology Herald”, which is the Dean’s organ, as well as over ten different publications by students of the Journalism sub department. The Department’s day is celebrated in the end of March – beginning of April. During the celebration of the Philology Department Day a sporting event is held, which is topped off with a swirl of woman’s soccer competitions.

24/26 French Boulevard
Tel. +38 (048) 746-56-97
e-mail: philolog@onu.edu.ua

Philosophy Department

  Sub departments: Philosophy of the Natural Sciences Departments, Philosophy of the Foundations of the General Humanitarian Knowledge, Culture Studies.
  The feature. Philosophy students enjoy studying and resting. The traditional holidays of the Department are a good assertion of this point: 1st of September Student Initiation, The Week of the Odessa Diogenes, Culture Studies Week, Department Week.
  The scientific society “Epistema” is functioning within the Department since 2007.  This society was established for all those willing to dive into the depth of the “eternal issues” and to find answers to them. Students of the Philosophy Department have their own newspaper “Diogenes” and a non-official website “Attic”.

64 Novoselskogo Street
Tel. +38 (048) 726-35-13
e-mail: philosof@list.ru

Physics Department

  Sub departments: General and Chemical Physics, Experimental Physics, Thermophysics, Theoretical Physics, Physics of the Solid Body and Solid-body Electronics, Astronomy.
  The feature. The Physics Department Day is celebrated for … two days. The first day is dedicated to a concert in the Big Physics Auditorium, as well as sports competitions and a student’s lottery. The next day there is yet another concert at the main concert hall of ONU. Physicist’s Day traditionally gathers not only Odessa’s citizens, but guests from all of Ukraine and even from abroad. When the official part of the celebration is over they unite and go to swing the Teshin Bridge.

42 Pastera Street
tel. +38 (048) 723-62-12; +38 (048) 723-63-02
E-mail: vaksman_yu@onu.edu.ua

Roman Germanic Philology Department

  Sub departments: Grammar of the English Language, Lexicology and Stylistics of the English Language, Theoretical and Applied Phonetics of the English Language, Spanish Philology, German Philology, French Philology, Foreign Literature, Pedagogic Studies, Foreign Languages for Humanitarian Departments, Foreign Languages for Natural Sciences Departments, Theory and Practice of Translation.
  The feature. Starting with only the first days of their studies the RGP students are demonstrating their talents in the “Freshman Celebration” traditional concert. The RGP celebrates sub department days, organizes phonetic competitions, theater-adapted shows in foreign languages, sport events. The Department’s birthday is traditionally celebrated in April or May.

24/26 French Boulevard
Tel. +38 (0482) 63-07-03


The Illichevsk Institute of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU

Illichivsk, Danchenka str. 17а
Tel.: + 38 (04868) 4-30-76, 4-30-71
Official site
e-mail: ii@onu.edu.ua

The Pervomaisky Institute of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU

  55202, Pervomaisk City, Nikolaiev Region
  4 “40 Years’ of Victory” Street
  tel.: (05161) 5-94-83, (05161) 5-89-44,
  fax: (05161) 7-31-11,
admission committee:
  (05161) 5-94-83, (05161) 5-91-59
e-mail: pi-onu@ukr.net