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ONU graduates in international cooperation

  Graduates of ONU that are now successful entrepreneurs, met with their former teachers in order to discuss future cooperation and new ways of attracting foreign entrants. The meeting was attended by Turkish, Turkmen and Chinese nationals. Each of them once started their education at ONU with the Preparation Department for Foreigners. Now the self-made foreigners, ONU graduates, are discussing projects of international cooperation.
  The main topic of the meeting is attracting students from abroad and making the procedure of assimilation at PDF easier. Many projects were discussed at the meeting, but particular attention was rendered to the bilingual newspaper for foreigners called Odessa International. The usefulness and important content of the media, according to the foreign graduates, make it a priority for international cooperation. The third issue of the newspaper offers information about ONU specialties, fields of study for foreigners, moreover, about the touristic and summer Odessa.


The aim – Europe, the goal - knowledge

  Seven students of I.I. Mechnikov ONU left for internships abroad within the framework of the project “Erasmus Mundus. Action 2.” They will start the new academic year at universities of Greece, Spain, Poland and Lithuania (read more)


Odessa’s success in the Cannes

  Approximately 200 professionals of the movie industry visited the presentation of the Odessa International Film Festival in Cannes. This was stated by the president of OIFF Victoria Tigipko. Many of them will take part in the film forum in Odessa(read more)


Viruses VS. bacteria

  Medication of the new generation is developed by scientists of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU Biology Department, headed by Professor Volodymyr Ivanitsa. The medicines are based on bacteriaphages (bacterial viruses) and molecular weapons of bacteria – bactericines (read more)


Odessa’s wells: the thirst for knowledge

  The search for forgotten wells of Odessa was started by students and post-graduates of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU. The first result, presented to the wide public, is the photo exhibit “Odessa courtyards and wells (local colour and history of the city)” (read more)


Poland would like to meet…

  The Poles would like to know more about Ukrainian higher education institutions. This opinion was expressed by the Consul General of Poland in Odessa Joanna Strzelczyk during the International Ukrainian-Polish round table at Odessa University. According to the Consul, a presentation of Ukrainian higher education institutions in Warsaw will be held in spring next year (read more)


From a desk to outer space

  An Odessa school student Roman Soletsky developed models of buildings that would be optimal for construction at the extrasolar planet Gliese 581 c, if it turns out to be suitable for life. Coupled with a few scenarios of investigating this planet, the research project brought the sixth-grader of Middle School “Harmony” victory at the competition “Researching the Universe”. The competition was held under the aegis of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU’s Department of Astronomy of and the “Intellectual forum of Ukraine” (read more)


How does a foreigner become a student in Odessa

  “A recipe” for getting a Ukrainian diploma was revealed to foreign students of ONU at the Open Doors Day.  The Preparation Department for Foreigners (PDF) of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU got its students from Asia, Africa and Europe acquainted with the Deans, Departments and Specialties of ONU (read more)


Life-giving water from… a microwave

  Water that was treated by a Microwave oven stimulates the seeds of cereals to development. This was proved in a research project carried out by a tenth-grader of the Odessa School number 63 Aleksandr Koliuchy (scientific advisor – Ph.D. of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU Vladymyr Nimertsalov). The second prize of the National Competition of Young Rationalizers and Inventors was granted to the school student for his research project (read more)


What’s the right way to get mandrake?

  The exhibition “Plants as symbols in Christian tradition” opened at the Scientific Library of I.I. Mechnikov ONU. Editions of the XIV-XIX centuries on the symbolism of plants in the Bible and biblical apocrypha, as well as the plants themselves, are presented at the exhibition (read more) 

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