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Scientists created the concept of a new type of alternative MSS

  Inexpensive and effective Multifunctional Solar Systems may appear thanks to the research of the Educational, Scientific and Production Center of ONU (director, Ph. D. in Physics and Mechanics, senior scientist Michael Glauberman). The system that was developed in Odessa allows saving 40% of electric energy (read more)


«Odessa International» – about Odessa, International-style!

  The first international newspaper in the history of Odessa – «Odessa International» was created by the Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University. This is the only periodical for foreign students in our city. There are more than five hundred foreign students in Odessa (read more)


Why don’t we sing in Turkish?

  The evening of Turkish culture at the Odessa University is the best place to learn about the numerous cultural traditions of the country of four seas. The event was organized by the I. I. Mechnikov ONU and the Consulate General of Turkey in Odessa (read more)


The Fulbright program is accepting applications

  The Fulbright program is offering 10-month internships in US universities in 2012. Ukrainian scientists and specialists – authors of individual programs – can become participants of this internship. Admission to the program is competitive (read more)


Foreign press: made in Odessa

  Fairy-tales, poems and charades, written by authors from 15 world countries, were published on newspaper pages.  Five groups of students of the Foundation Department for Foreigners of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU presented their works in a wall newspaper competition. Successes of foreign students in the field of media were evaluated by staff of the University press-service (read more)


Matios, Kurkov and the rector of ONU will choose the best scientific articles

  “The art of living together” is a contest of scientific articles, announced by the international organization “Platforn DA”. The winners of the competition (students of the Master’s program and postgraduates) will receive prizes: trips to Istanbul and publications in specialized periodicals. The deadline for applications is the 1st of March (read more)


New Year celebrations at ONU (photo report in four parts): Part 1. Decorating the Christmas tree…

… with vocalises, cancans, songs and humorous sketches. Based on the concert performances on the stage of ONU, the New Year decorations for the Christmas tree were born. Every department presented its own bright talents in a New Year divertissement. Organization, production and setting was done by the administration of the Culture and Leisure Center of ONU – its head Edward Chichelnitsky and the new creative manager of CLC, and a famous television and show star Viktoriia Pismichenko (brows pictures)


Part 2. Santa Claus from the tropics…

… in particular, from Cote-D’Ivoire, flew to the University with a Chinese Snow Maiden and Turkish elves. The “fairy assault force” of foreign students greeted the ONU rector within traditions of their home countries. One may found out more about the variety of New Year traditions in the festive newspapers made by ONU foreign students. The newspaper exhibit is open on the second floor of the Institute of International Education (browse pictures)


Part 3 Dancing in the University...

they are serious and responsible Monday through Friday, but on New Year’s eve the University staff initiated festive celebrations. The New Year procession was made up of employees from the center of student employment, the press-service and other units of the University. The New Year brigade distributed the festive mood with party poppers and champagne, laughter and fountains of confetti (browse pictures)


Part 4 We call on the good for the whole year

“Hey you, rich guy, open up your hutch, give us some money, but not too much! A coin won’t be enough; you must also share some dough!” – with these requests members of the “Dzherelo” ethnology and folklore group of the History Department knocked on the rector’s door. The guisers, along with the group’s leader – assistant professor N.A. Petrova wished happiness and good “to the owner of this home”. The wishes were supported with a theatrical performance with the traditional Goat and Malanka. The jolly atmosphere of the meeting resembles the world of Christmas miracles, described by N.V. Gogol (browse pictures)

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