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The deal of the century: $150.000.000 and developers from Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University

The purchase of the Odessa based startup Looksery by Snapchat for $150 million became the deal of the month. Looksery’s selfy transformation technology developed graduate of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University (read more)


ONU Freshmen Consecration


First Studies in Astrobiology

Unique Studies in Astrobiology started for the master students in I.I. Mechnikov ONU. This course is the first one among the universities of Ukraine and Russia (read more)


Planet Erasmus: the population must increase

  Odessa University is calling to everyone who is going through an internship abroad or has already been training in Europe to join the project “Planet Erasmus”. Its goal is to speak out about the real experience of training participants and to help the future “generations” of participants (read more)


Economical miracle – the conference topic in China

Украинская делегация с председателем Кондратьевского фонда академиком В.М. Бондаренко  The problems of the development of the world were discussed at a conference in China by the scientists of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU – professor Eugeniy Streltsov and associate professor Tatiana Egorova-Gudkova. The international conference “Trends and cycles in the world dynamics and prospects of world development” gathered the society of scientists from PRC, Russia, Ukraine, EU and USA in the Southwestern University of Chengdu (read more)


Glänzend means “amazing”

  One and a half hundred specialists in Germanic studies from Austria, Germany and all areas of Ukraine gathered at Odessa University for the first time for the International Congress of the Ukrainian Germanic Scholars Society. The congress was organized by the department of German Philology of the RGP Faculty of I.I. Mechnikov ONU (read more)


International forum at ONU

  The introduction of two new editions opened the international forum of bibliologists “Early printed books and rare editions in the University Library”. The presentation’s background will be composed of rare editions from the funds of the Scientific Library of I.I. Mechnikov ONU – the rare “Radzivilovskaya Bible” of the XVI century, editions from collections of the Vorontsov family; the first Ukrainian translation of the “Ottoman mirror”, which belonged to Count La Magdalena, the original of which is a historical record of the XVII century and others. (read more)


Proud to be Freshman!

  The harmonious family of alma mater has been expanded by 1837 freshmen. Students were greeted with entrance by the administration of faculties and institutes of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU. “Today you are the winners”, - stated ONU rector professor Igor Koval (read more)


Development of cooperation with China is a strategic course, — the rector’s opinion

  The strengthening of the relationship with China is a strategic course. This was expressed by the rector of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU professor Igor Koval during the official visit of the governmental delegation of PRC to the University. The visit was dedicated to the upcoming opening of the Chinese cultural center at ONU and to the development of cooperation of the University with Chinese partners (read more) 


ONU is number one in Odessa

  The Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University became the leader of the academic rating “Top-200 Ukraine” among higher education institutions of Odessa. The international group of experts rated the scientific and educational potential, teaching quality and international acclaim of higher education institutions (read more)