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The collider will allow scientists to take a glance at the Earth's core

  Scientists can study the properties and history of the Earth's mantle and core using colliders (elementary particle accelerators). According to assistant dean of the Odessa University Geology and Geography Department, doctor of geology Igor Suchkov, Russian scientists have already developed a technology of synchronized radiation, which makes this possible. The theory behind such research was discussed by scientists from five countries in Odessa during the I.S.E.S. - 2011 - VII International School of Earth Sciences. (read more)


The harmony of the Themis…

  The development of conformal standards of criminal legislation in different countries was discussed by the participants of the International conference “Harmonization of legislation in the criminal justice of modern Europe.” (read more)


Educator’s congress – the first in 10 years

  The Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University rector, professor Igor Koval was chosen as a delegate to the III All-Ukrainian education professionals’ congress. This decision was made on the 29th of August as a result of voting at the Odessa Regional Conference of education professionals. The congress will be held on the 27-28th of October in Kyiv; the previous All-Ukrainian education professional’s congress met ten years ago – in the fall of 2001. (read more)


Scientists took a glance at thirty thousand years of the past

  Results of the seven-year international project “INQUA 501” are made public at the I.I. Mechnikov ONU during a conference “Caspian-Black Sea-Mediterranean corridor for the past 30 thousand years: sea level alterations and human adaptive reaction”. Analysis of sea level alterations in the region and research of human adaptive reaction to such changes was carried out by scientists from 32 world countries, from Australia to Great Britain. (read more)


A deep analysis of the modern world

  The transformation of humanity and the imperative of the former Soviet Union countries were the topics covered in the speech given by the director of the Institute of Globalization Issues (Russia, Moscow), economist and politician Mikhail Deliagin for students and lecturers of ONU. Students and scientists of the Economics and Law Department, the Institute of Social Sciences and the Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics were eager to hear the thoughts of the famous Russian scientist. A discussion about the strategies of development for Ukraine and Russia was conducted after the lecture.

The press service of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU


Scientists are influencing the economy

  The use of recommendations of the scientists-economists is an important step in the process of reforming the financial system of Ukraine, stated the head of the Sub Department of International Economics Relationships of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU professor Sergei Yakubovsky. The opening ceremony of the III International Conference “Economic integration as a factor of improving the standards of living in the CIS countries” he notes, that all of the recommendations regarding the reforms of the banking sector of Ukraine, given by the participants of the previous, II conference, were brought to life. (read more)


The elective course in Judaics is open at ONU

  The Philosophy Department of the Odessa University on the first day of spring started the operation of the elective course in Judaica. The program is realized by initiative of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU scientists with the support of the Jewish Cultural Center in Odessa (read more).


From an idea to the market

  Scientists of the Odessa University and their colleagues from five Ukrainian higher education institutions became participants of the training in managing innovations in the end of January in the Chalmers University of Technology in Goteborg (Sweden). The end goal of the training – help in creation of innovation centers in universities, which are designed to link science and business (read more)


The Odessa University physicists’ research drew Europe’s attention

  Research and development of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU physicists in the field of sensors and turning solar energy into electricity interested project managers, working within the European space program. This information is obtained from the Experimental Physics Division Head Valyntyn Smyntyna as he returned from Brussels. There he represented Ukraine at the international conference “FP8: Space Research Hearing”. (read more)


The Black sea Committee is interested in the University biochemists’ invention

  Valyntyn Smyntyna presented a report at the international forum “Black Sea Day 2010” in Trabzone (Tukrey), which was highly evaluated by the forum organizers. The Black Sea Protection Committee is interested in the presented invention of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU scientists that purifies water from petroleum pollutants. (read more)