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Slavic scholars from all over Ukraine gathered in Odessa

  Academic readings in commemoration of an outstanding linguist, a corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine Yuri Karpenko, began today at the Odessa University. The scietists, who gathered from all over Ukraine, of Slavic Studies, which fall within the scope of Yuri Karpenko’s scientific interests. The scientist was a talented linguist, the founder of the Odessa Onomastics School, who worked at the I.I. Mechnikov ONU for almost 40 years. (read more)


Cloud dispersal: the first experiments in the world were conducted by the Odessa physicist Valerian Fedoseev, a conference to honor his memory is held at the University

  The XXIV scientific conference of the CIS countries “Disperse systems” was opened with commemorations: 100 years ago its founder, the prominent Odessa physicist Valerian Fedoseev, was born. Professor Fedoseev was the first in the world to conduct series of experiments in cloud precipitation. He offered and applied the method, based on hygroscopic substances. The “Pravda” newspaper stated in 1936 that for the first time in history fog was cleared over the Red Square in Moscow with the use of calcium chloride during a military parade. (read more)


The anniversary assembly of Ukrainian biochemists kicked off at ONU

  The tenth assembly of the Ukrainian  Biochemists’ Society (UBS) opened in the I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University. During the five days of assembly scientists from Belarus, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and France will discuss fundamental issues and accomplishments of the modern world biochemistry, biophysics, biology, biomedicine, biotechnologies, and ecology. The forum is devoted to the memory of the founder of this society and the pioneer of neurochemistry academician Aleksander Palladin. (read more)


Ukrainian universities are taught to earn from their research

  How to identify the basic cost of any research project, make contacts with manufactures, who owns the rights to scientific studies as intellectual property… These issues were discussed at the international seminar "Building the culture of innovations in Universities" in Odessa. The organizers are a consortium of the TEMPUS UNI4INNO («Universities for Innovations") project participants from the European Union and the I.I. Mechnikov ONU. "The objectives of the workshop include the development of skills among administrators, which ensure the effective implementation of innovation policies in higher education institutions of Ukraine", - says the representative of the ONU organizing committee Irina Nenno. (read more)


Drosophila: a second century in science

  The II International conference “Drosophila in experimental genetics” started its work at I.I. Mechnikov ONU on the 7th of September. Genetics researchers from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine came to Odessa to introduce and discuss the latest research results with the use of Drosophila – a species of fruit fly. (read more)


The international Gamov School is expanded by a whole department - cosmoparticle physics

  “Astronomy and beyond” – this was the motto of the first jubilee 10th yearly Gamov School. This year traditional work areas – astrophysics, cosmology and gravitation, radio astronomy and astrobiology were expanded by one more sector – cosmoparticle physics. (read more)


How do you teach feelings to a robot? Scientists from 19 countries discussed issues of sensor electronics at ONU.

  The international conference “Sensor electronics and micro system technologies” (SEMST-4) gathered over 200 scientists in Odessa. (read more)


University and its place in the modern society

A scientific conference "University and its place in the modern society" was held on May 17th at the historic Large Chemistry Auditory if the Odessa University.