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The people’s choice award is waiting for its winner!

  At midnight on the 30th of  May the voting for the best department according to the audience has been concluded. The results are posted here. The official award giving ceremony for the people’s choice award in the “Battle of Depasrtments” is scheduled for the 1st of June. (see results)


Visit University’s lectures – without tests and certificates

  People who enjoy learning about the world they live in will get a wonderful present to Science Day from the Odessa University. Professors and scientists of ONU will give a whole series of public lectures on many different fields of knowledge (read more)


ONU opens doors

  You must be the first to know the new admission rules of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the rector, the department deans and institute directors. Choose your specialty! (details)


The “last call” for those who want to take part in an internship abroad is November 29th

  The deadline of the first round of selection for “Erasmus Mundus – action 2” is prolonged for two weeks – until the 29th of November. (in detail)


Information day “Seventh Framework Programme of the EU in development of scientific research and technologies

  The I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University and the FP7 Regional Contact point of the NIP of Ukraine invite you to the information day "Seventh European Framework Programme for research and technology development: opportunities for the research community of Ukraine in the field of biotechnology" and seminar "How to prepare a successful proposal in biotechnology such fields: “Foods”, “Agriculture and Biotechnology”, "Health", "The Environment (including climate changes)”, which will be held in Odessa on November 4-5, 2010. (read more)


The Faculty Deans will go to a night club: freshmen will receive their student IDs in “Palladium”

  For the first time ever the festive week of students’ initiation for I.I. Mechnikov ONU freshmen will be held in a night club. During four days at “Palladium” night club institute directors and department deans together with over 2200 freshmen will take part in one of the most massive celebrations in the history of Odessa higher education institutions.  (read more)


One tenth of the Odessa University graduates received a diploma with honors

  Five thousand graduates of ONU had their last day in the student status today. The rector Valyntyn Smyntyna presented honors diplomas to bachelors, specialists and masters who had excellent grades in the conference hall of the Main Building on Dvoryanka Street. Honors diplomas were earned by 12.2% of all graduates – a total of 619 persons. 11.75% of 3 thousand newly-made bachelors earned honors. Specialist qualification includes a bit less excellent students – only 9%. The most diligent were the graduating masters – almost one third of them earned honors diplomas – 27%.
  Ancient Romans knew, that a diploma (the term was then used to identify a bronze plate, given to soldiers at their retirement, listing information about their service, battles etc., also pointing out their privileges at retirement), had to be earned.
  An honors diploma of I.I.Mechnikov ONU is an excellent start for a science and scholar endeavor in Ukraine and abroad as well as a significant boost to a successful career.


The term of admission applications submission is prolonged for five days

  The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has prolonged the term of admission campaign-2010 for five days – the documents may be submitted until the 5th of August. “The admission committee of the university has already received the necessary order and will start working tomorrow with regard of this decision,” – reports the responsible secretary of the admission committee of ONU Ilona Kanzafarova. (read more)


Is a student’s life costly?

  Foreign future students are often interested in the issues of scholarship payments, the amount of spaces in dormitories and rent expenses, students’ prices for meals. To address these matters we are publishing the answers to these questions by ONU rector Valyntyn Smyntyna, which he gave during his direct skype conference for students. (read more)