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Original ideas must have substantial funding

  A competition of scientifically dense projects is announced by the “Innovation office” of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU. 300 thousand dollars are at stake for one who offers to start and develop a project in the fields of IT, energy-saving technologies and alternative energy sources. Applications are accepted from the 24th of April till the 31st of May (read more)


Sensors will become smarter

  Gas sensors of the new generation may appear due to the development of I.I. Mechnikov ONU professor Yaroslav Lepih. Sensors created on the basis of new materials, synthesized by Odessa scientists can identify the composition of gasses more exactly (read more)


Scientists created the concept of a new type of alternative MSS

  Inexpensive and effective Multifunctional Solar Systems may appear thanks to the research of the Educational, Scientific and Production Center of ONU (director, Ph. D. in Physics and Mechanics, senior scientist Michael Glauberman). The system that was developed in Odessa allows saving 40% of electric energy (read more)


Biologists of I.I. Mechnikov ONU have created products that are unique in efficiency of water and soil pollution decontamination

  A system of new-age products based on destroyer bacteria of the pseudomonas kind, created at the Odessa University, is capable of decontaminating soil and water of petroleum and its fractions, preventol, lipids and organic dye.
  ONU scientists’ development leaves behind all western analogies in all parameters – from efficiency to market-value.
(read more)


The Odessa University will be able to independently distribute state funding for fundamental research

  The Odessa University is the only university of Southern Ukraine that was granted the right to independent control over state funding for fundamental scientific research after becoming one of the leaders in the Higher Education Institutions rating of the Ministry of Education and Science. (read more)


The center of ecology research of ONU attracted over 2 million Euro, taking part in international projects

  The regional center of integrated monitoring and ecology research (RCIMERP) of the Odessa University raised funding of over 2 million Euro taking part in international competitions and became the leader in rating of the 28 scientific research departments of I.I. Mechnikov ONU.