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The prospective students’ requests TOP in Google: ONU is in the top ten

  The I.I. Mechnikov Odessa University is in the ten most popular higher education institutions of Ukraine among enrollees who use “Google”. The rating, compiled by the world’s largest search engine demonstrates which education institutions of Ukraine are the leading in popularity within the search system. (read more)


The University prepares enrollees

  Short-term prep classes for entry exams to the I.I. Mechnikov ONU opened at the Department of Pre-University Preparation. The classes (full-time and correspondence forms of education) are offered for those, who have the right to take exams directly in the higher education institution. The classes will last until the 9th of July. (read more)


Alma-mater will help you get a job

  The Center of job placement for students will be opened at the I.I. Mechnikov ONU in the beginning of March. This was stated by the rector of the University professor Igor Koval during a skype-conference on the 17th of February. (read more)


The world rating of universities: ONU is in the top-2000

The rating of universities Webometrics was published by the Cybermetrics Lab research group, part of the Higher Council of scientific research (Spain). The I.I. Mechnikov ONU skipped over one thousand points within the past 6 months and now is the only Odessa higher education institution in the top-2000 of the rating. (read more)


The Odessa University is in the TOP-5 among Ukrainian universities by quantity of publications and their citation

  The Vernadsky National Library published a rating of higher education institutions of Ukraine according to the data of the world science metric database Scopus. The I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University is the only university in Odessa is in the TOP-5 of the rating (read more)


The Odessa University freshmen went through a student initiation ceremony

  Freshmen of the anniversary 145th year of admission to I.I. Mechnikov ONU lit the torch of science. The University colours waved high and the sky above the Main Building filled with confetti and streamers. (read more)


Summarizing the admission campaign of 2010: prospective university students choose to become lawyers, philologists and diplomats

  The quantity of government-sponsored spots in the in “exact” specialties has grown, but future students of ONU in 2010 are more interested in careers of lawyers, language specialists or specialists in international relations. (read more)


According to the result of an international rating the Odessa University is rated within the seven best higher education institutions of Ukraine

  The world university rating was published by the research group “Cybermetrics Lab” of the scientific research Superior Council (Spain). The I.I. Mechnikov University appeared on the seventh spot within a list of 336 Ukrainian higher education institutions and became the only Odessa University in the top 10 of the rating. (read more)


The admission of documents to the Odessa University is going full-speed

  The admission campaign is on its peak. The future students of 12 faculties and institutes of I.I. Mechnikov ONU are attacking the admission committee at 24/26 French Boulevard. The committee works every day from 9 till 18, without days off. A network of 6 workstations processes the data. Just in the first day of request submission, the 15th of July, 700 possible students went through the procedure.


Valyntyn Smyntyna talks about government scholarships and the cost of contract education

  Future students are highly interested in the issues of enrollment to I.I. Mechnikov ONU under conditions of government scholarship. Today we publish the detailed responses of rector Valyntyn Smyntyna in this regard, which he gave during his skype-conferernce. (read more)