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Killifish: at ONU straight from the tropics

  Dotted orange, green with pink, blue... Inhabitants of almost three hundred aquariums turned the hall of the Odessa University Humanitarian Building into a tropical basin for two days. The anniversary X exhibition “Killifish – 2011” featured the rare and famous among aquarium-lovers locarium catfish and killifish, including the recently discovered species. (read more)


“Journalists are surgeons of the modern society” – the rector’s opinion

  Journalists are not only members of the fourth branch of authority, but surgeons of the modern society, believes the rector of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU professor Igor Koval. This opinion was stated during a celebration of the Journalism sub department Day celebration. The scientist holds that a society that has the right guidance from the media is able to overcome all difficulties (read more)


Philology students of the Odessa University produced a movie about applied linguistics

  Philology students of the fourth year at the I.I. Mechnikov ONU filmed and published in the World Wide Web a 16-minute movie “Applied Linguistics. Reveal yourself.” The characters of the movie – 12 graduates and the head of the Applied Linguistics sub-department, Doctor of Philology Nataliia Bardina talk about their Alma Mater, about what is Applied Linguistics and how it may be useful in life (read more)


Journalism students of the Odessa University offered the public their first photo exhibit

  The first photo exhibit of the Odessa University Journalism department kicked off in the ONU humanitarian building on French Boulevard. Among the genres, offered by future press photographers were portraits, landscapes, documentary photos. (read more)


The development from unicellular to a whale – presented by employees of the Zoological Museum of ONU during a tour of the museum to the event of the 100th anniversary L.E. Beshevli

  The unique collection of specimens of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU Zoological Museum was the main topic of museum employee Leonid Ryasikov during the “Biologiy collections and foundations of museum studies” tour “The museum's collection contains more than 56,000 expositions, which represent all the continents and oceans of our planet. Among the collection, for example, there is a Brazilian “bushmeyster” snake with venom so toxic that it decomposes cartilage and even bone tissues, and the “Harpy” eagle of the Philippines, which catches monkeys as they are quenching thirst and then enjoys feeding on their brains. (read more)


Mathematics major student of the Odessa University Anna Iliina has become the prizewinner of the poetry completion ''Pushkin autumn in Odessa''

  The first-year student of the applied mathematics department Anna Iliina won a bronze medal at the All-Ukrainian tournament of poets, which was part of the festival “Puskin autumn in Odessa-2010”. The 17-year-old Anna turned out to be the youngest contestant in the adult nomination of the tournament and the only person from Odessa in the top three winners (the first place winner is Aleksandr Chernov from Kyiv, and the second – Oleg Dukhovny from Nikolaiev). The jury of the competition with its chairman Oleg Borushko chose Anna’s works from among 152 selections, sent to be judged. (read more)


A novel of this year’s Odessa University graduate Anna Kostenko was published

    A novel of this year’s Odessa University graduate Anna Kostenko “That, which deprives of sleep” was published in the new issue of the literary magazine “Kyiv Rus”. “I can say with absolute solidity that before there was no such prose in Ukrainian literature, - underlined the chief editor of the magazine Dmitro Stus. – Anna’s  work is the first in some decades universal (meaning supranational) attempt to create a real intellectual novel on the “undermined by the bacillus of illness” Ukrainian society. (read more)


The first album of the University chapel chorus is released

  The solemn hymn of students of all times – the “Gaudeamus” begins the first album of the Academic chapel chorus of I.I. Mechnikov ONU, presented at the University. The soloists of the oldest creative team of the University perform classic opera aria, Ukrainian folk songs and religious music a capella, a total of 17 tracks.


The chorus Capella of the Odessa University has recorded their first album

  The first album of the Academic chorus Capella of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU recorded to compact discs, will be published on the 30th of June. The album includes 17 compositions, performed a Capella – classic opera aria, Ukrainian folk songs, religious music. The University sponsored the publishing. Part of the records will be presented to I.I. Mechnikov ONU’s honorable guests.