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Photo report: Ukraine and Poland in military conflicts

  The international conference “Poland, Ukraine and other countries of the Black Sea region in military conflicts” started today at the I.I. Mechnikov ONU. This is the fourth Ukrainian-Polish conference, hosted by the History Department of ONU with support from the Polish Consulate-General in Odessa. The different aspects of military and political conflicts – from purely war to diplomacy and interpretation of social views at disputes through the press – will be discussed during the conference by fifty scientists from Odessa, Kyiv, Warsaw, Opole and other countries of Ukraine and Poland.
  The forum will be held at the History Department until the 15th of September.
  The organizers of the conference will open an exposition on the 16th of
 September at the history and ethnography museum in the town Kodym, dedicated to Stanyslav Skalsky – the native of this town, the head of the Polish
department of the British air force. The excellent piloting of these aviators was
nicknamed “Skalsky’s Circus”.

The press-service of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU


Photo report: the freshman’s day celebration

The press-service of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU


The blooming health

  The botanic gardens of the Odessa University is featuring the “emperor’s flowers” – peonies. This symbol of health and love was considered the “emperor’s flower” in China, and in Japan it became the symbol of wealth. The curative qualities of the peony are used in the modern pharmaceutics. All interested in admiring the largest collection of peonies in the South of Ukraine (97 genus) should hurry: the peonies only blossom for a very short time. (read more)


Sakura is in blossom

  When ancient Japanese said “flowers”, they meant the flowers of the cherry tree. The pink cloud of petals on the branches of the Japanese cherry is the symbol of spring and fertility. Sakura is blooming at the Botanic Garden of the Odessa National University. (read more)


Physics is humorous

  Students and lecturers of the Physics Department of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU and their colleagues from the Kyiv and Kharkov National Universities celebrated the 42nd Physicist’s day. The Physicist’s day celebration was founded at the time when the Club of the Witty and Funny was established, so it has become traditional to make this day a day of humor with its specific, “physics” entity (browse photos)


A philosophical view of things

  Students of the Philosophy Department of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU presented their creative projects – their unique view at the improvements to the reality that surrounds us. The project field was “limited” to creating our city of the future, “chewing a word”, spectacular of smells, a smile and much more… (browse photos)


New Year traditions of tree parts of the world united in the ONU rector’s reception hall

  Foreign students of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU transformed holiday greetings to their alma-mater in the person of its rector Igor Koval into a real theatre-style show. (browse pictures)


Photo fact: A book of poetry and prose “The inevitable creativity” is presented.

  For the first time ever the Philology Department presents a compilation of works of 19 young poets and prose writers, brought up by the Philology Department of ONU. (read more)


Photo fact: the Philosophy Department is celebrating Culture Studies Day

  Philosophers are carrying on the celebration their 10-year anniversary. The assembly hall of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU humanitarian building hosted a celebration by students and lectors of the Philosophy department, as they were celebrating Culture Studies Day. (browse photos)


Photo fact: The ONU Institute of Social Sciences celebrated its sweet sixteen

  The Institute of Social Sciences of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU celebrated its 16th birthday.
  Politics, International Relations, Sociology students greeted ISS with vivid performances at the festive concert.
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