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Three signs of a charismatic person

  How can we tell a charismatic leader? This topic is analyzed in the third chapter of the book by Ph.D. of the Roman Germanic Philology Department Natalia Petliuchenko titled “Charismatic, linguistic personality, discourse”. The book was presented yesterday in the hall of the Union of Journalists Organization.
  “I attempted to extract those characteristics, which help a charismatic leader to influence the masses. First of all, it is the tempo of speech, - says Natalia Petliuchenko. – First a charismatic person speaks very quietly and slowly, then the tempo of speech rises and speeds up, the tone becomes higher and the sounds – louder. All this creates an effect of a voice storm or assault. For example the volume of sound in speeches by Joseph Fisher had a range of 30 decibels.”
  Also a charismatic person, according to the scientist, tends to the color white – both in the clothes and background, as well as active gesticulation. “This can be a powerful tool for achieving goals, even in everyday life.” – jokes Natalia Petliuchenko.
  The monograph “Charismatic, linguistic personality, discourse” is dedicated to analysis of modern charismatic politics of Germany and Ukraine. The book summarizes and proves linguistic qualities of charisma, conclusions are drawn about what charisma is as part of the language and culture. The monograph will soon be on the shelves of Odessa bookstores.

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