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Poland would like to meet…

  The Poles would like to know more about Ukrainian higher education institutions. This opinion was expressed by the Consul General of Poland in Odessa Joanna Strzelczyk during the International Ukrainian-Polish round table at Odessa University. According to the Consul, a presentation of Ukrainian higher education institutions in Warsaw will be held in spring next year.
  “Polish students are interested in Ukrainian education; students from Poland may not be very numerous in Odessa Region, but the quality of their knowledge is exceptional, - noted Joanna Strzelczyk. – Ukrainian higher education institutions have to work more actively to show off their advantages”.
  “Learning English is a widely spread practice, while mastering Russian and Ukrainian gives Polish students additional competitive advantages”, - noted head of the “Perspektywy” fund Waldemar Siwinski.
 “There is a growing interest to get acquainted with Ukrainian history and Ukrainian literature among Polish students recently, - states the head of the delegation of the Polish Rectors Professor Adam Koseski. - We all want to see many Polish students come to Ukraine, and this requires a well-trodden path in both directions – a kind of “students’ highway”.  
  The themes of the round table held at ONU are European standards of higher education, the prospects of Ukrainian-Polish inter-university cooperation, opportunities for dual degree obtainment for students in Poland and Ukraine. The Forum brought together leaders of 18 foremost Polish universities and their Ukrainian colleagues.
  The Round Table is the result of the February meeting between chairman of the Board of Rectors professor Sergei Stepanenko, rector of the Odessa University professor Igor Koval and head of the Polish Educational Foundation "Perspectives" Waldemar Siwinski.
  The I.I. Mechnikov ONU maintains partnerships with more than ten universities in Poland.
  The specialization “Polish language” was introduced at the ONU Faculty of Philology in 2004. Three years later, with the active assistance of the Consulate General of Poland in Odessa, the University has been equipped with the first Polish Studies Center in our city. In the same year the Polish language textbook for higher educational institutions of Ukraine was published. The faculty of the Odessa University regularly participate in international conferences held in Odessa, Opole, Gdansk, and students learn the Polish language and culture.

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