The Odessa National University I.I. Mechnikov Press Service

ONU graduates in international cooperation

  Graduates of ONU that are now successful entrepreneurs, met with their former teachers in order to discuss future cooperation and new ways of attracting foreign entrants. The meeting was attended by Turkish, Turkmen and Chinese nationals. Each of them once started their education at ONU with the Preparation Department for Foreigners. Now the self-made foreigners, ONU graduates, are discussing projects of international cooperation.
  The main topic of the meeting is attracting students from abroad and making the procedure of assimilation at PDF easier. Many projects were discussed at the meeting, but particular attention was rendered to the bilingual newspaper for foreigners called Odessa International. The usefulness and important content of the media, according to the foreign graduates, make it a priority for international cooperation. The third issue of the newspaper offers information about ONU specialties, fields of study for foreigners, moreover, about the touristic and summer Odessa.