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Nimen hao – hello (Chinese)

 The Chinese Culture Center is going to open at the I.I. Mechnikov ONU in September.
 “The main goal of creating this center is to help students of the University and all youth of Odessa to learn more about the culture and language of one of the leading world countries”, - stated rector of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU professor Igor Koval.
  “We usually establish cultural centers in the name of the government of China, naming them after Confucius, but this is the first truly people’s cultural center, - underlines the Consul General of PRC in Odessa Mrs. U Syaoin. – It is important to foster the understanding that we must live together among youth and fortify our friendship. According to the diplomat, the center, supported by the consulate, will be able to organize major cultural events for Odessa citizens.
  The lecturers of the center are fluent speakers native to the city of Qingdao. The Basis Center of common education of ONU and PRC students is already functioning in this city. The Chinese party will provide methodic materials, textbooks, study aid, new courses and literature.
  According to Igor Koval, the first group to study Chinese language and culture at the center will be recruited in September, among the students majoring in "International Relations" at ISS. Further the center will teach all willing to get acquainted with the ancient culture of the Celestial Empire.
  The Chinese Cultural Center is located on French Boulevard in the new academic building of the University.

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