The Odessa National University I.I. Mechnikov Press Service

Africa needs specialists

 Zimbabweand Tanzania need specialists in biotechnology and geology. This issue was raised at the meeting with the rector of the Odessa University by the Ambassador of Zimbabwe and the representative of the Ambassador of Tanzania to Russia and Ukraine.
  “Universities of the former USSR region are famous for high-quality preparation of specialists, and the Odessa University is known as a leader of many scientific fields, – noted the Head of the Department of Investments, Trade and Tourism of the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania to Russia and Ukraine George V. Lengeju. – The mining industry is rapidly developing in Tanzania today, therefore there is a need for specialists in this field”.
  “For 35 years higher education in Zimbabwe has developed from 1 university to 15 higher education institutions in different specialties, but most of our schools’ graduates still prefer obtaining education abroad, – stated the Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe to Ukraine and the Russian Federation Boniface G. Chidyausiku. – Many of them received diplomas in Ukraine and Russia and became respected citizens of their homeland”.
  “We are ready to start cooperation in the scientific and educational fields, – noted rector of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU professor Igor Koval. – Students from your countries will feel safe and receive unique opportunities for mastering the chosen specialty at our university”.
  OdessaUniversity is preparing specialists for Tanzania since the 60’s of the former century. The current president of Zanzibar (an autonomous republic of Tanzania) – Ali Mohamed Shein, attended Odessa I.I. Mechnikov University in the years 1970-1975.
  Today the University prepares students from many African countries, including those from Republic of South Africa, Angola and Guinea. Overall citizens of 48 countries are studying at ONU.

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