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One tenth of the Odessa University graduates received a diploma with honors

  Five thousand graduates of ONU had their last day in the student status today. The rector Valyntyn Smyntyna presented honors diplomas to bachelors, specialists and masters who had excellent grades in the conference hall of the Main Building on Dvoryanka Street. Honors diplomas were earned by 12.2% of all graduates – a total of 619 persons. 11.75% of 3 thousand newly-made bachelors earned honors. Specialist qualification includes a bit less excellent students – only 9%. The most diligent were the graduating masters – almost one third of them earned honors diplomas – 27%.
  Ancient Romans knew, that a diploma (the term was then used to identify a bronze plate, given to soldiers at their retirement, listing information about their service, battles etc., also pointing out their privileges at retirement), had to be earned.
  An honors diploma of I.I.Mechnikov ONU is an excellent start for a science and scholar endeavor in Ukraine and abroad as well as a significant boost to a successful career.

The press service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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