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Biologists of I.I. Mechnikov ONU have created products that are unique in efficiency of water and soil pollution decontamination

  Scientists of the microbiology and virology division of I.I. Mechnikov ONU, headed by professor Vladymyr Ivanitsa have developed a system of new-age products for water and soil pollution decontamination. The system is based on destructing bacteria of the pseudomonas kind. It is capable of filtering out petroleum and its fractions, preventol, lipids and organic dye from soil, production and waste water, natural basins with fresh or salt water.
  “The creation of this product is a result of long-term research – says Vladymyr Ivanitsa. – We were using isolate bacteria of Chukotsky, Berentsev, Baltic and Black Seas.”
  The product absolutely leaves behind the western analogies in efficiency and ecologic effects. Psudomonas bacteria decomposes petroleum and its fractions to organic elements such as Oxygen and Carbon in seconds; after clearing the water such bacteria dies within four days without altering the ecologic balance. By the words of assistant professor Tatiana Gudzenko – one of the research managers, the bacteria selected are capable of extracting hazardous for health, pathogenic microorganisms from the environment. “The water, to which the product is applied, is fully recycled and suitable for use”, – states the scientist.
  The product efficiency in filtering out petroleum-contaminated water is almost 100%. As comparison, the efficiency of product COREXIT used in filtering out the Mexican Bay is – 63,4 %. The cost of COREXIT, however, is ten times higher than the product created by the Odessa scientists.
  The product has successfully passed the tests on petroleum-contaminated areas of the Zmeiny Island. The scientists recorded the decrease in petroleum and oil compound content in the soil by 90%, the full regeneration of the soil layer, where grass, flowers and bushes started growing.
  The Odessa scientists’ invention is patented. Its implementation has already created wide interest of Ukrainian company-producer.

The press service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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