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Summarizing the admission campaign of 2010: prospective university students choose to become lawyers, philologists and diplomats

  The quantity of government-sponsored spots in every specialty of natural sciences departments rose in comparison with 2009, but these changes did not reflect on the preferences of prospective university students. This information was publicized by acting rector of I.I. Mechnikova ONU, doctor of political sciences Igor Koval during his press conference regarding the summary of the admission campaign.
Totally 2189 persons were admitted to the first year of studies. Most of the 1053 government scholarships (in 2009 – 1038), were admitted to study natural sciences disciplines. Most of the commercial-based admissions chose to study Law, English and international relations. Overall, there are 62 more students on the contract form of education then last year. A median competition for entry to the university is 7.2 persons per spot.
  Together with the quantity grows the level of prospective students’ preparation. According to the words of the deputy secretary of admissions committee Grigory Vartanian, during the admissions campaign the university every day received documents of two-three students with the highest Internal Independent Testing score of 200. The admissions committee also received 17 admission requests from prizewinners of National knowledge contests and National competitions of scientific research of students, who are members of the Youth Science Academy, from which five were admitted to the university.

The press service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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