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A novel of this year’s Odessa University graduate Anna Kostenko was published

  A novel of this year’s Odessa University graduate Anna Kostenko “That, which deprives of sleep” was published in the new issue of the literary magazine “Kyiv Rus”. “I can say with absolute solidity that before there was no such prose in Ukrainian literature, - underlined the chief editor of the magazine Dmitro Stus. – Anna’s  work is the first in some decades universal (meaning supranational) attempt to create a real intellectual novel on the “undermined by the bacillus of illness” Ukrainian society.
  In her novel the 22-year-old writer seeks answers – “how does the creator save himself in the myriads of single-type colored Hairstyles, which immediately attack and surround the unlike, as soon as he or she falls out of the system. They surround and destroy, making everything alike…” (Dmitro Stus). Anna Kostenko: “I perceive my novel as a painting. There is a certain base, vivid fabric, on which different in shape and size triangles of life, characters and experiences are glued. Disregarding the differences and antagonisms, the characters in their interaction create a whole mosaic, single picture, and, overall, a whole Word, which is able to change their lives”.
  Anna Kostenko is a laureate of the International Ukrainian-German award named after Oles Gonchar, the author of three prose books of novels. In the spring of this year Anna Kostenko’s novel “That, which deprives of sleep” received the third award at the National literary competition of the “Smoloskyp” publishing house. Her works are in Ukrainian.
  The novel is available online in the electronic version of the magazine.

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