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Cloud dispersal: the first experiments in the world were conducted by the Odessa physicist Valerian Fedoseev, a conference to honor his memory is held at the University

  The XXIV scientific conference of the CIS countries “Disperse systems” was opened with commemorations: 100 years ago its founder, the prominent Odessa physicist Valerian Fedoseev, was born. Professor Fedoseev was the first in the world to conduct series of experiments in cloud precipitation. He offered and applied the method, based on hygroscopic substances. The “Pravda” newspaper stated in 1936 that for the first time in history fog was cleared over the Red Square in Moscow with the use of calcium chloride during a military parade.  
  Valerian Fedoseev passed away 30 years ago. However in the scientists’ memories during the conference opening on the 20th of September, he appeared as a vivid person – he passionately appreciates opera, values art and an amateur painter, as well as a wonderful scientific enthusiast and a brilliant teacher.
  “When I was doing the post-graduate program, professor Fedoseev often initiated for us – his students - to gather on the roof of the “Odessa” movie theater, - shares his memories the head of the ONU astronomy department Sergei Andrievsky. – There, using handmade antennas and TV sets we were sometimes able to “catch” the signal of an Italian TV company. Later the practical knowledge I obtained constructing TV sets was very useful in for my scientific research.”
  The reports presented at the conference are dedicated to the fundamental issues of calculating mathematical models of disperse systems, and aerosols in general, as well as anthropogenic ones – specifically, disperse systems used in medicine and pharmaceutics etc.
  The organizers of the XXIV conference of the CIS countries “Disperse systems” are: the department of heat physics, the Fundamental Research Laboratory of Aero-disperse Systems (FRLAS) of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU. The founder and the first scientific administrator of the laboratory (1959-1980) was professor Valerian Fedoseev (in 1961-1970 he was the pro-rector of scientific research of the Odessa University). The prominent scientist, he founded the scientific school; Fedoseev’s research results are still used in medicine, rocket science, agriculture, nuclear power, aeromechanics and other fields.
  The conference will be in progress until the 24th of September.

The press service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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