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The Black sea Committee is interested in the University biochemists’ invention

  The I.I. Mechnikov ONU professor Valyntyn Smyntyna presented a report at the international forum “Black Sea Day 2010” in Trabzone (Tukrey) regarding the ONU scientists invention of a product for fighting petrochemicals water pollution. The product is developed by the microbiology and virology departments of ONU, headed by professor Vladymyr Ivanitsa. Owing to its stem – the deconstructive bacteria of the Pseudomonas class – the product is able to clean the marine environment off petrol and its fractions, preventols, lipids and organic dyes. The Odessa scientists’ invention is advantageously different from the existing products in ecologic safety and efficiency.
  “The forum organizers asserted the importance and necessity of this invention by ONU scientists for the protection of the Black Sea from pollution, - noted Valyntyn Smyntyna, - Moreover, we have received a notion to hold the next Black Sea Day at the Odessa National University”. The Bulgarian delegation also distinguished the ONU accomplishments in being an active research center on Zmeiny Island.

The press service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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