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The world rating of universities: ONU is in the top-2000

The rating of universities Webometrics was published by the Cybermetrics Lab research group, part of the Higher Council of scientific research (Spain). Compared to the result of the July rating, the I.I. Mechnikov ONU is 1058 points higher. ONU is the only Odessa higher education institution in the top-2000 of the rating.
Cybermetrics Lab measured the activities of over 20 thousand higher education institutions, there are 12 thousand criteria. The Odessa University is the sixth in the list of Ukrainian higher education institutions.
“The research methods have been improved in the making of this rating – this is stated on the Webometrics.info official website, - the search engines analyzed excluded Exalead, and the rich files analysis mechanism was also perfected. Also, the indicator of scientific citations (Scholar) now monitors only the publications for the years 2006-2010.” ONU actively increases its presence in the World Wide Web in the last few years (the opening of a news website; the official website started offering more in-depth information about departments and sub departments; the organization of a university repository on the library’s website etc.), this made up the factors, which caused the significant change in the rating position.
Webometrics is one of the most respected ratings in the international field of education; it is published twice – in January and in July. It is created with the use of the largest search systems, particularly it accounts for the volume of scientific publications in the Internet, their citation, links to the website materials with a university domain name etc. According to the last four ratings of the Spanish researchers, the I.I. Mechnikov ONU has been in the top ten higher education institutions of Ukraine.

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