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From an idea to the market

  Scientists of the Odessa University and their colleagues from five Ukrainian higher education institutions became participants of the training in managing innovations in the end of January in the Chalmers University of Technology in Goteborg (Sweden). Administrators of the Swedish university introduced their Ukrainian colleagues to the mechanism of transferring technology stage by stage – from the creation of a new development to its implementation in the market.
  “The efficiency of the mechanism is guaranteed by partner structures and specially created sub departments of each university, – mentions the assistant professor of the I.I. Mechniov ONU Iryna Nenno. – Among which: an incubator of innovations, scientific and technological parks, a school of entrepreneurship (study course – innovational management)”. According to Iryna Nenno, the information obtained from European experts in the fields of law, economics and management will be used in the work of the “Innovations office” – it will be created in the structure of the Odessa National University.
  During the training Ukrainians were taught to make connections with researchers and effectively monitoring the results of scientific research activities, pointing out the most valuable results and developing stable connections with businesses. The forum became the first in a series of three training sessions. Their overall goal is helping Ukrainian higher education institutions in the establishment of innovational centers, which would be the links between science and business.
  The training was organized by the EU project TEMPUS UNI4INNO (“Universities for innovations”), its participants included the representatives of the Ukrainian universities’ consortium, as well as Swedish, Italian, Austrian and Spanish participants. Ukraine was represented by the delegations of the I.I. Mechniov ONU, National Agrarian University (Kharkiv), National Polytechnic University (Lviv), State Machine Building Academy (Kramatorsk), National Metallurgic Academy of Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk), Crimean Humanitarian University (Yalta). The ONU delegation included scientists of the Economics and Law Department: head of the economics and management sub department Eduard Kuznetsov, assistant professors Iryna Nenno and Yulia Grinchenko.

The press service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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