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Sakura is in blossom

  Sakura is blooming at the Botanic Garden of the Odessa National University. According to the director of the Botanic Garden, professor Alexander Sliusarenko, the cherry blossom will only last for a few more days.
  When ancient Japanese said “flowers”, they meant the flowers of the cherry tree. The pink cloud of petals on the branches of the Japanese cherry is the symbol of spring and fertility.
  An ancient legend is being passed in the Japanese tradition. The god named Ninigi descended from the sky to the islands of Japan, and he was offered to choose a wife from the two daughters of the god of the mountains. He chose the younger sister named the Blossoming, and the older sister, named High Rock, was sent back to her father. Ninigi found the older sister ugly. Then the father was outraged and told the young god of his initial plan: if Ninigi would have chosen the High Rock for a spouse, the life of his descendants would have been eternal and durable – like mountains and rocks. But Ninigi made a wrong choice, and therefore the life of his descendants, meaning all Japanese people, will be whirling and beautiful, but ephemeral – like the spring blossoming…
  The blossoming Sakura is one of the first presents of the spring from the Botanic Gardens to all those who enjoy true beauty. Today the plant collection of the Botanic Gardens of ONU is kept in two dendrology parks and greenhouses with the total area of 2400 sq. meters and lists 3800 unique samples of plants, including 2 thousand conservatory, and 204 – of the local flora. Employees of the Botanic Gardens take part in educational programs of the International Council of Botanic Gardens for plant preservation; bilateral seedlings exchange is conducted with 200 botanic institutions of the world. The staff of the Botanic Gardens publishes and sends out its seed catalogue named “Іndex semіnum”.

The press service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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