семейный психолог одесса



The blooming health

  The botanic gardens of the Odessa University is featuring the “emperor’s flowers” – peonies. This symbol of health and love was considered the “emperor’s flower” in China, and in Japan it became the symbol of wealth.
  According to the head of sector of vascular plants Liudmila Levchuck, the collection of the botanic gardens is the largest in the South of Ukraine. It includes 97 genus, among which 6 are very rare, and one is included in the IUCN Red List, that is the “Thinleaf peony”.
  The species name of this flower comes from the Greek word “paionios” – curative, treating: medicine based peonies have been used from ancient times in medicine to cure decieses of the liver, kidneys, rheumatism, radiculitis, nervous disorders and other illnesses.
  “Peonies are cared for during the whole year, but their blooming is observed for 10 days”, - say the Chinese flower fans. So, all willing to dive into the sea of peonies should hurry.

The press service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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