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The anchors of democracy in the Black Sea region

  The digest “Anchors of democracy: The Black Sea” was published by the Institute for Parliamentarism and Democracy of Vienna and presented at the Odessa University. The edition discusses problems and opportunities of political and economic processes in the countries of the Black Sea region. Among the many works of Ukrainian and foreign scientists an article by the ONU political sciences researcher Sergei Glebov may be found, covering issues of the current situation in the civil society and social power in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea.
  “All ideas of the book revolve around the anchors of democracy – the civil society, parliamentarism and efficient state administration, – notes the compiler and editor of the digest, Professor Melanie Sally. – One of the common conclusions of all authors of the digest is the fact that the Black Sea region must play a “bridge” role in the relationships between the East and the West”.
  The book addresses the issues of democratic experience and strategies of development for countries of the former Socialist Camp: Russia, Ukraine, Bolgaria, Romania, Georgia. The leading scientists from these countries in the fields of Economics, Politics and Diplomacy shared their points of view regarding these issues.
  The time of publication of the digest coincides with the International Conference on Issues of Quality Administration in the Black Sea Region, which is held in Odessa. The languages of the conference are English and French.
All interested in this publication are able to find an issue of the digest in the Scientific Library of the Odessa University.

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