семейный психолог одесса



The people’s choice award is waiting for its winner!

  At midnight on the 30th of  May the voting for the best department according to the audience has been concluded. The results are posted here. The official award giving ceremony for the people’s choice award in the “Battle of Depasrtments” is scheduled for the 1st of June.
  Voting results:

Overall, 2407 persons voted

  The question of the day:
  Which Department’s performance was the best?

Philosophy Department    33
Chemistry Department    190
Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics    26
Philology Department      103
Physics Department     166
Economics and Law Department     63
Biology Department      128
Geology and Geography Department     106
Institute of Social Sciences     456
History Department             941
Roman and Germanic Philology Department     66
Institute of Innovational and Postgraduate Education      129

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