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Scientists took a glance at thirty thousand years of the past

  Results of the seven-year international project “INQUA 501” are made public at the I.I. Mechnikov ONU during a conference “Caspian-Black Sea-Mediterranean corridor for the past 30 thousand years: sea level alterations and human adaptive reaction”. Analysis of sea level alterations in the region and research of human adaptive reaction to such changes was carried out by scientists from 32 world countries, from Australia to Great Britain.
  “This unique project united specialists from different fields of knowledge, - notes the ONU rector Igor Koval. – The creation of the complex picture of the past is the result of hard word of archeologists, geologists, biologists, ethnologists, mathematicians”.
  “For seven years we have studied thousands of kilometers of Mediterranean, Aegean, Black and Azov Sea costs, estuaries of all Southern Ukraine rivers”, - says the project participant Doctor of History Elena Smynthyna. “The conclusion of the work is a complex geological, archeological, mathematical models of the past of this region, - states the manager of the international project “INQUA 501” professor of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy Valentyna Yanko. – The next step will be the research of sea level alteration and human activity in the region during the past 780 thousand years”. An important result of the work was the publication of research results in English, as they were formerly available only in local languages of the Black Sea region. The results of the seven years’ work of 12 research groups, uniting over 400 scientists from different parts of the world, are shaped as collective monographs in English and can be accessed at the specially created web-sites.
  The final conference, which was hosted by the Odessa University, gathered over 80 scientists from 9 countries. The six study sections specialists are discussing issues of how changes in the environment can influence the makeup of society and the language of native peoples, alterations in the ecosystem of the North-Western Black Sea coast, development of the landscape etc. Scientists have promised to work out practical recommendations in environment protection, ecological catastrophe prevention and rational use of the sea coast.
  The conference will end on the 28th of August.

The press-service of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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