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«Odessa International» – about Odessa, International-style!

  The first international newspaper in the history of Odessa – «Odessa International» was created by the Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University. This is the only periodical for foreign students in our city. There are more than five hundred foreign students in Odessa.
  «Odessa International» is published in English and Russian languages. The educational potential of the city and the range of educational capabilities of ONU will be discussed on its pages. “OI” will advise foreigners on where to go if they want to study in Odessa.
  The newspaper was initiated on the basis of the ONU press-service by lecturers and students of the University that work with foreign colleagues. “The foreign students that come to study at ONU every year need up-to-date and available information, - note the editors of “OI” assistant professor Vladymyr Poltorak, Vladymyr Nemertsalov and third-year politology student Semen Postolov. – This is why we try to make our newspaper as useful as possible for them.”
  The project is unique to Odessa and the whole Ukraine. Monitoring investigation revealed that there are similar publications in Switzerland and Canada. «Odessa International» will be published monthly and distributed for free among ONU foreign students. It may also be found at various socialization centers, in public institutions, language and cultural centers, universities of Odessa. In the first issue of the newspaper, readers will learn about the biggest areas of Ukraine, find out about the attitude towards international marriages in China, discover what attracts Italians in Odessa, become aware of fashion trends that are forecasted for this summer and much more.
  The rubrics of “OI” are:
  –The consul’s speech/ Говоритконсул– an exclusive interview with Consuls of foreign states;
  –Student’s calendar/ Календарьстудента– covers all important events for foreign students by date;
  – In first person/ Отпервоголица– the stories of foreign students about their life and education in Odessa;
  – Meet a teacher/ Знакомьтесь– преподаватель– about those who teach foreign students in Odessa
  – Fashion – the latest fashion trends of the season;
  – Kind Fairy-Tale/ Добраясказка– special national folklore;
  – Traditions/ Традиции– the treasures of world cultures;
  – Ask «OI» / Спрашивайтеу«OI» – talks about everything that interests foreign guests – in full and in detail.
   «Odessa International» will be a useful advisor both for students and travelers, and for business people who have been working in Odessa for many years.
  The newspaper’s first presentation was visited by the general consul of PRC – U Syaoin, who also was the first consul to appear in “The consul’s speech” rubric. The foreign students from various parts of the world came to the presentation and read the new publication eagerly.
  “For hundreds of foreign students, trainees, lecturers that work at the university or just came for a short time, “Odessa International” will become an important and interesting source of information and ideas”, – noted the rector of ONU professor Igor Koval.

 The press-service of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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