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Sensors will become smarter

  Gas sensors of the new generation may appear due to the development of I.I. Mechnikov ONU professor Yaroslav Lepih. “New materials became necessary in order to improve intellectuality of sensors, - noted Yaroslav Lepih. – During our research we have synthesized new materials of the calixarine class for sensors. For the first time ever data of their structural, electro-physical and absorptive characteristics was obtained.”
  Calixarines is a class of substances of a wide spectrum of applications with supermolecular structure. Their nano-sized architecture forms at the stage of synthesis and forming of the stratified structures. Gas sensors are essential components of gas analyzers, which are widely applied in industry, medicine, environment monitoring.
  Sensors based on the new calixarines distinguish gasses more exactly. According to the scientist, the research also involved the use of new physical effects, which appear during the propagation of surficial acoustic waves in stratified structures. This will allow more efficient arrangement of communication between sensors and the information processing computers.    According to the results of the research, which is meaningful both for the development of information technologies and for physics of the solid bodies as a science, a monograph was published, as well as over a dozen articles. Theinventionwaspatented. The results of research and developments in the area of sencors were included in the complex work, for which the State Committee of Ukraine decided to grant Yaroslav Lepih the State prize of Ukraine in the area of science and technology.

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