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Scientists created the concept of a new type of alternative MSS

  The production of a low power-consuming multifunctional solar system (MSS) with a minimal prime cost may result from research, carried out by scientists of the Educational, Scientific and Production Center of ONU (director and supervisor of the research , Ph. D. in Physics and Mechanics, senior scientist Michael Glauberman). An experimental model of a new type of MCC is already in operation.
   "Today heating and cooling systems and air conditioning systems consume about 30% of the energy that mankind produces, – says Michael Glauberman. –The technology that allows direct use of solar energy to generate heat in our invention can save up to 40% of electric power."
  Converting solar energy into thermal energy in the MSS is happening in a new type of special mono-block collector, based on originally-designed polymer structures. Two patents had already been received for this technology. Unlike other MSS systems, which use standard non-ferrous metals, the new system uses polymers that can reduce the price of the product and improve its environmental safety.
  Research in this scientific area is continuing with the prospect of developing its applicative version.
  Based on a study of an open MSS absorption cycle monograph, fourteen articles and one monograph are prepared for publication. Studies of alternative MSS were conducted jointly with scientists from the Odessa Academy of Refrigeration, led by professor A. Doroshenko.

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