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Odessa International is online now

  What is the attitude among Chinese towards inter-ethnic marriages? What attracts Italians to Odessa? What type of clothes will be in fashion this summer? ... All this and much more is now online on the pages of the first international newspaper in our city «Odessa International».
  According to the chief editor of the periodical Alla Gudzenko, the second issue of the newspaper is now being prepared for printing. It is most convenient to follow up on the electronic versions of “OI” on the news website the press-service of the Odessa University or on the ONU press-service’s pages in social networks. The convenient online format allows flipping pages, increasing the scale and sharing links to «OI» through Facebook and Twitter.
  The newspaper «Odessa International» is produced by I.I. Mechnikov ONU in full-color. It is bilingual – published in Russian and English. “OI” is intended primarily for foreign students studying in Odessa, people who are learning the English and Russian languages, travelers and businessmen from abroad. «Odessa International» is distributed for free among foreign students of ONU and also in public institutions, language and cultural centers, education institutions of Odessa.

The press-service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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