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University is helping Ukraine and Turkey become closer, - opinion

  The Consul General of Turkey in Odessa Huseyin Ergani is convinced that Odessa University is contributing to development of the relationship between Turkey and Ukraine. He stated this opinion during a presentation of the last issue of the edition “Odessa International” at the Turkish Cultural Center of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU.
“An international newspaper is very significant event for a city, where multiple nations co-exist in peace. It is outstanding that the periodical was founded by such a respected academic institution as the I.I. Mechnikov ONU, where foreign students have been obtaining education for a long time,” – noted Huseyin Ergani. The second issue includes an interview with the diplomat, which covers the peculiarities of relationships between Turkey and Ukraine and also his life in Odessa.
It is from the fresh issue of “OI” that readers may find out what a student could do in April, where the best scateboarders meet and what interesting innovations are awaiting citizens of Odessa at the Festival of Ukrainian Fashion Designers. This issue of the newspaper focuses on the life of the Turkish community in connection with the traditional spring holiday Nevruz.
The presentation of the second edition of the bilingual (English and Russian) “OI” was held in the form of a vivid dialogue of authors and characters of the newspaper. Together with that of the Consul General of Turkey, it includes statements of the leader of the Turkish community in Odessa Hasan Dikenli, director of ISS professor Viktor Glebov, director of IIE professor Elena Smyntyna and their students – heroes of the second edition of “OI” – guests from Hungary, Germany, Turkey and China.
“Odessa International” is distributed free of charge among foreign students, within state and consular institutions, language centers and cultural centers, higher education institutions of Odessa.

                                                                   The press-service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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