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History in ornaments

  The new book by the dean of I.I. Mechnikov ONU History Department Viacheslav Kushnir. The album is called “Stergaruldinreguinea Dunariidejos” (“Canvases of the Lower Danube”). The edition is a kind of encyclopedia of ornaments, original to Ukrainian and Romanian villages. The articles in it are substituted by photographs and detailed descriptions of their history and symbolic meanings.
  “Ornament is an open book for an ethnologist. In it, he or she can find information about history, cultural exchange and customs of the region’s population, – states the album’s author professor Viacheslav Kushnir. – This text is unique for each ethnic group”.
  According to the scientist, the research of ethnological characteristics of canvases on towels in the Lower Danube was carried out on the territory of Ukraine and Romania for almost ten years. As a result, the album is released with over a hundred designs of original canvases from the XIX-XX centuries and the second volume is on its way.
  The album was presented in the scientific library of the University by its publishers – managers of the historical museum of Galati (Romania). The richest collection of towel canvases of the Danube region is kept there. According to the museum’s director Christian Kolderar, the Odessa scientist’s book already found fans among specialists in ethnology and all those interested in the history of the region.
  The album was published in the Romanian language and in 200 copies. Half of the copies will be distributed in Ukraine. The rare edition may be found at any Odessa library.

The press-service of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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