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Biology in English

  The scientific club of students and post-graduates of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU Biology Faculty held the scientific conference “English in touch with life”. The jury evaluated the level of English knowledge among young biologists and the scientific value of the works presented. The main goal of the conference is to make sure that the biology students and young scientists can publish their works in foreign scientific journals.
  “These young people are the intellectual elite of Ukraine, stated the Biology Faculty dean Veniamin Zamorov about the participants. – Their level of language skills allows them to be competitive and to feel conmortable in the modern scientific world.”
  The jury evaluated the level of language skills among young scientists and students of the Biology Faculty and the scientific value of the works presented. The reports and their presentation were in English. Tatiana Kondratiuk and Viktoria Kamskaya won in the nomination “Best in profession”, while Natalia Nikolova and Vladymyr Chuyko were victorious in the “Best in English” section.
  The conference “English in touch with life” is held yearly since 2003. Since then, 15 graduates of the Biololgy Faculty that took part in the event found employment abroad – in Sweden, England and the USA.

                                                                  The press-service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU 

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