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Original ideas must have substantial funding

  The I.I. Mechnikov ONU “Innovation office” announced a competition of scientifically dense projects. Winners will receive means to start and develop projects in the fields of IT, energy-saving technologies and alternative energy sources.
  “In order to improve a project’s chances to receive funding, - commented ONU Innovation office manager Iryna Nenno, - its inventor should follow the key requirements:  create an original idea; make up a thoroughly thought our development strategy for the project; draw up a financing plan; have an understanding of the market’s needs; assemble a qualified team”.
  The competition may be entered by not only descriptions of business-ideas and startups, but also projects that are already in development. The ideas will be evaluated by leading experts of partner companies. The best projects will receive funding, legal and organizational support for realization. The possible volume of financing ranges from 10 to 300 thousand US dollars.
  Applications and project descriptions are accepted from the 24th of April till the 31st of May. Participation will be described in more detail during a videoconference at the seminar of the ONU Center “Innovation Office”. The seminar will be held at 15:00 on the 26th of April at the address: 23/26 French Boulevard, office 2-n. Preliminary registration is mandatory by e-mail innott@onu.edu.ua.
  The competition is organized by the ONU Center “Innovation Office”, Innovation center NAK HAI and a group of scientific-production innovational companies, including venture company group “Next Age Ventures”, industrial businesses, trade and manufacturing companies and research organizations.
 The contact person for the competition is Iryna Nenno       (+38)-050-5856574

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