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What’s the right way to get mandrake?

  The exhibition “Plants as symbols in Christian tradition” opened at the I.I. Mechnikov ONU Scientific Library. 
  “This exhibition is unique in Ukraine, - states the University’s deputy rector in scientific work, Doctor of Biology Vladymyr Ivanitsa. – It is composed of two national assets: the rare book fund and the herbarium of the Odessa University.”

  “The symbolism of plants is one of the most interesting fields of knowledge, it is a whole living book”, - thinks the scientific overseer of the ONU herbarium Svetlana Kovalenko. According to Ms. Kovalenko, many plants have symbolic characteristics. Ginseng was known as a symbol of longevity, pomegranate symbolized the unity of the world, and figs were related to fertility. Even the process of their harvesting was accompanied by symbolic ceremonies. For example, it was believed that in order to preserve the healing properties of a mandrake root, it must be obtained with the participation of black dog: one must tie the plant to the tail of the dog and waved a sword over it three times.
    Sections of the exhibition "Cultural plants in the world’s flora", "Bible Plants", "Flora today" and "The Future of Plants" contain over 250 publications from the rare book museum and several hundred plants from herbarium collections. "The Chronicles of the World" by Schedel (1393) and oldest collection of herbarium - "The Medical Herbal" (1759) are on display.  
  The exhibition is offered at the Gallery of Arts of the Scientific Library of the Odessa University at 24 Preobrazhenskaya Street. 

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