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From a desk to outer space

  The competition “Researching the Universe” among school students of Odessa and its region was held on the basis of I.I. Mechnikov ONU. Its topic was research of planets and planetary systems of our galaxy.
  “The main goal of the competition is generating new ideas, – noted member of the competition’s jury, assistant professor of the Department of Astronomy of the Odessa University Vladislava Marsakova. – I’d like to believe that many of the participants will really become scientists, authors of scientific projects of cosmic space research”.
  “I analyzed data of nearly 200 exoplanets, taking in account many factors: calculated surface temperature, studied the possibilities of the presence of an atmosphere and protein-based life, – stated Roman Soletsky. – As a result, 10 Earth-like planets were chosen as the most suitable for life, of them the most attractive is Gliese 581 c”.
  Roman Soletsky (6th grade, MS “Harmony”) offered several scenarios for investigation of the planet Gliese 581 c and even offered models of buildings, which will be most suitable for construction on this planet if it turns out to be suitable for life, – and became the winner of the competition. Iryna Gushina (Karolino-Bugaz Middle School) presented options of graphical messages for exterrestrial civilizations. Valentyn Chernolutsky and Emil Kerimov (MS #33) analyzed the possibilities of the existence of life near and in black holes, and Michael Kirilenko offered original drafts of interstellar spacecrafts.
  Prizewinners of the competition received memory drives, illustrated encyclopedias, books in astronomy and space research, magazines of the series “Universe. Space. Time” of the Odessa University Department of Astronomy.
  The competition was held under the guidance of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU’s Department of Astronomy and National Social Organization “Intellectual forum of Ukraine”.

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