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Viruses VS. bacteria

  Medication of the new generation is developed by scientists of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU Biology Department, headed by Professor Volodymyr Ivanitsa. The medicines are equal in efficiency to antibiotics, but lack the harmful side effects of the latter. The development is based on bacteriaphages (prokaryote viruses) and molecular weapons against other bacteria – micro- and macrobactericines.
  “We created bacteriaphages, which are safe, beneficent and just as effective, as the existing antibiotics”, - explains Volodymyr Ivanitsa.
  In addition, unlike the case of antibiotics, bacteriaphages are “native” to the microorganism. Another type of medication may be created of bactericines – “weapons” of bacteria that they use to fight their enemies. It is the new vector in biotechnology of anti-microbe products.
  According to Professor Volodymyr Ivanitsa, research is conducted in several fields: medication based on bacteriaphages may be useful for curing people and animals, as well as for crop protection against phytopathogens. At this time work is continuing on obtaining active components of new, narrowly specific to separate pathogenic microorganisms, anti-microbe products, which have no influence on the internal microbiota.
  The research is aided by the microorganism collection of ONU, which holds the status of National Asset of Ukraine.
  15 scientific articles have been written on results of research of bacteriaphages’ and bactericines’ useful properties. A patent for the discovery has been created and two more developments are obtaining patents now. The scientific works were presented at international scientific conferences in Tbilisi, Paris, Breslau and Odessa.

The press-service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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