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The aim – Europe, the goal - knowledge

  Seven students of I.I. Mechnikov ONU left for internships abroad within the framework of the project “Erasmus Mundus. Action 2.” They will start the new academic year at universities of Greece, Spain, Poland and Lithuania.
  “This is the second “tranche” of Odessa National University students within the program “Erasmus Mundus” – noted vice-rector of international cooperation Sergei Skorokhod. – All 16 students of the University, who started their foreign training a year ago, have already returned and been able to share the new experience with colleagues.”
  The winners of the project’s competition this year are Anna Ageenko (RGPD, V year), Svetlana Dimitrova (Philology, IV year), Alexander Zamkovoy (ELD, III year), Olga Konstantinova (Philology, V year), Anastasia Pravednaya (RGPD, IV year) , student and graduate student of political science department Paul Kolotvin, ISS.
   The internship’s scholarship will cover all participants’ expenses, including visa obtainment, travel, training, food, and health insurance. The size of monthly payments ranges between 1 and 2,5 thousand Euro and the term of internship may be between 6 and 30 months.
  «Erasmus Mundus» is an EU educational program, which funds studies and training of students and teachers in higher education institutions that are participants of the program. The program provided Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova 96 grants to study abroad in 2012.
   ONU Mechnikov participates in the program as the winner of the European competition (within the consortium of 19 universities in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Western Europe).

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