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Student champions

  Master of sports qualifications and certificates to the most athletic students were presented by the I.I. Mechnikov ONU rector professor Igor Koval. This year 15 students became winners of regional and national competitions in different kinds of sports, and three received the title “Master of sports of Ukraine”.
  “Students of the Odessa University exhibit significant achievements in the field of sports and the University is proud of its athletic starts”, - stated Igor Koval.
  Along with the traditionally excellent results in track and field, boxing and karate, students and faculty members of ONU have accomplishments in “exotic” disciplines, including rugby and powerlifting. Julia Gladchenko, senior lecturer of the Physical Education department received the title of master of sport in Rugby, and she already holds the master of sport title in basketball and is the champion of Europe in rugby. In addition, a master of sport qualification was presented to the first-year student of ISS, tennis player Alexander Belinsky. The first-year student of RGPF Irina Malovichko became an international-class master of sport of Ukraine in trap shooting.
  15 students of the University were presented certificates for high achievements in sports.

The press-service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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