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Development of cooperation with China is a strategic course, — the rector’s opinion

  The strengthening of the relationship with China is a strategic course. This was expressed by the rector of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU professor Igor Koval during the official visit of the governmental delegation of PRC to the University. The delegation, headed by Mr. Ma Zhupei – Deputy Head of the Office of affairs of Chinese citizens residing abroad at the State Committee of PRC, was dedicated to the upcoming opening of the Chinese cultural center at ONU and to the development of cooperation of the University with Chinese partners.
  “The opening of the Chinese cultural center is a part of a multistep strategy for strengthening of cooperation with PRC, — stated the rector of ONU professor Igor Koval. — I hope that in only five years we will be able to train our own teachers of the Chinese language and start creating a Ukrainian textbook for learning Chinese as a foreign language”.
  “Ukrainians are a wise nation with rich and ancient culture, — noted Ma Zhupei. — We have fascinating possibilities of future cooperation in the science, education and research, as well as in the fields of airplane and space engineering, oil chemistry, biology and biotechnology – this list expands yearly”.
  According to the state representative of PRC, a major role in development of educational cooperation between Ukraine and China belongs to the Odessa National University. Ma Zhupei emphasized that while being the deputy head of the Office of affairs of Chinese citizens residing abroad at the State Committee of PRC, he will put all possible effort into popularization and introduction of the accomplishments of the Odessa University in China, “… this is necessary for Chinese people to find out more about your higher education institution, so that the University would be rejuvenated”.
  Today ONU provides education for 400 foreign students that come from 46 world countries. Over 200 of them are citizens of China. The base center of joint education for students of ONU and PRC is open and functions successfully at the Qingdao Technical Institute named after Qiushi. The joint preparation of bachelors with universities of PRC has been carried out for over ten years.

The press-service of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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