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Proud to be Freshman!

  The harmonious family of alma mater has been expanded by 1837 freshmen. Students were greeted with entrance by the administration of faculties and institutes of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU.
  “Today you are winners. You have proved to be worthy of holding the proud title of students of the Odessa University, - stated ONU rector professor Igor Koval. – A complex but exciting path to the peak of knowledge and success in the chosen field is ahead for you”.
 Official enrolment of freshmen to the 1st year of education to the largest higher education institution of Odessa was held at the assembly hall of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU. First year students of ONU-2012 did not hide their emotions when administration  of the University officially announced their names.
  “Entering the University and the choice of specialty is my first important self-made decision, - says freshman from Philology Faculty Svetlana. – This is the turning point of my life, the beginning of my career”.
  “I entered management because I want to start my own business in the field of tourism in the future, - noted freshmen of ELF Alexander. – But I know that at the University students don’t only study, they also have fun, so I am convinced that the following 5 years will be unforgettable”.
  Overall, taking all specialties of the University, and including the qualification levels of Bachelors and Masters, Regional College of Entrepreneurship and Illichevsk Institute, ONU admitted over 3000 students.
  The traditional festive ceremony of student initiation will be held on the main square in front of the University (Dvoryanskaya 2) on the 1st of September at 12:00.
                                                           The press-service of the I. I. Mechnikov ONU

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