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Mirrors of the Celestial Empire

  China is in focus. Cinema, choreography, school, theater, sporting events of modern China are reflected in 60 pictures, shown at the photo exhibit “The New Image of China” at the I.I. Mechnikov ONU. 
“China is opening up to the world today and the photo exhibit features multiple evidence of this, –proclaimed the Consul General of PRC in Odessa U Syaoin. – The authors of images are not only Chinese photographers, but also foreign students of Chinese higher education institutions, travelers from Germany, France, Belgium, who were inspired by the culture and art of our country.”
  “The action is preliminary to a very significant event: The Center of Chinese Language and Culture will open in two weeks in the new building of ONU. It will definitely help develop friendship between our states”, –noted the Rector of ONU Igor Koval. 
“The New Image of China” reveals the mysteries of an ancient Confucian ceremony of “meeting the letter”, and the extremely modern design of an expo center in Shenzhen, movements of the traditional art of wushu, the Chinese interactive entertainments centers and even 3D movie theaters
  The exhibit features also the scenic landscapes of the Celestial Empire. For example, the magical beauty of the “colorful mountains” of Denksia; they will be added to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List next year.
  The exhibit was visited by the administration of the Consulate General of China, representatives of the Chinese expatriate community and 27 first-year students of ISS, who will be studying Chinese as their main foreign language for the first time at the University.
  The exhibit was organized by the Consulate General of PRC in Odessa and the I.I. Mechnikov ONU. The action was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of establishment of a diplomatic relationship between Ukraine and PRC and 63 years since the Foundation Day of the PRC.

The press-service of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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