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Economical miracle – the conference topic in China

  The problems of the development of the world were discussed at a conference in China by the scientists of the I.I. Mechnikov ONU – professor Eugeniy Streltsov and associate professor Tatiana Egorova-Gudkova. The international conference “Trends and cycles in the world dynamics and prospects of world development” gathered the society of scientists from PRC, Russia, Ukraine, EU and USA in the Southwestern University of Chengdu.
 “The main attention was paid to problems of world economics and evaluating prospects of its development, - tells educational activities prorector of ONU Professor Eugeniy Streltsov. – Discussing these questions in China, which is the state that created an “economical miracle”, - caused additional discussions.”
  Economists and experts in politics discussed the philosophy of globalization, economic cycles, relationships between developing countries, issues of technological improvement and many other concepts in 18 sections of the conference. Doctor of Jurisprudence Sciences Eugeniy Streltsov presented a thesis about methods of harmonizing the legal system while Candidate of Economic Sciences Tatiana Egorova-Gudkova talked about the theory of complexity and self-organization of economic systems. 
  An agreement of cooperation between the I.I. Mechnikov ONU and the Southwestern University of Chengdu  in the field of scientific research, student and faculty exchange was reached during the forum.
  The conference was organized by the Department of Global Processes of Lomonosov Moscow State University and the School of Economics of the Southwestern University of Finances and Economics (Chengdu, PRC).

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