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Valyntyn Smyntyna talks about government scholarships and the cost of contract education

  Future students are highly interested in the issues of enrollment to I.I. Mechnikov ONU under conditions of government scholarship. Today we publish the detailed responses of rector Valyntyn Smyntyna in this regard, which he gave during his skype-conferernce.
  - What is this year’s percentage of admission to government-sponsored spots?
  - There is no set percentage. If you are asking about the quantity of government-sponsored spots, it is no less than 25% of the total amount. There are Ukrainian citizens subject to special preferential terms of enrollment, enrollment without competition or direct admission. There are sub-categories in each of these categories. They take up two or three pages in the rules of admission. If you take a copy of a directory called the “Rules of admission to ONU” in the admission committee or at the university website. There you will see the full set of admission terms and conditions.
  - How many government-sponsored spots are allotted to the university this year?
  - The prorector Zaporozhenko will bring the data from the ministry soon – around the 19th or the 20th of July. But in the last few years the quantity of governmental scholarships for the first-year students are in the range of 1100-1200 spots.
  - What is the ratio of budget-sponsored to self-sponsored students in the university?
  - Now this ratio is roughly 50:50, with contract-based students prevailing by a few percent.
  - What is the cost of obtaining education at the Odessa National University?
  - It all depends on the chosen discipline and the form of education. The prices range from 5-6 thousand to 10 thousand UAH per year ($700-$1250)
  - Is it possible to submit admission requests both to government-sponsored and self-sponsored options?
  - At the first stage of the admissions campaign all the enrollers submit requests to receive government scholarship. Those who do not qualify for the scholarship after the rating list was posted have the right to transfer their requests to self-sponsored option.
  - What specialties have the option of a governmental scholarship?
  - The state scholarships are offered at all the specialties and all departments. This year we are preparing Masters in 20 specialties, specialists – in 32 of them, and bachelors – in 24 fields. All of them offer spots sponsored by the state.

The press service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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