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Is a student’s life costly?

  Foreign future students are often interested in the issues of scholarship payments, the amount of spaces in dormitories and rent expenses, students’ prices for meals. To address these matters we are publishing the answers to these questions by ONU rector Valyntyn Smyntyna, which he gave during his direct skype conference for students.
  - What are the scholarship payments that qualified students are entitled to?
  - As of today the minimum scholarship of an ONU student amounts to 630 UAH (roughly $80). An honors scholarship amounts to 800 UAH ($100)
  - Are there any spots in the dormitories for alien students?
  - Yes, there are. In the past few years alien students are covered 100% with university housing.
  - What is the cost of living in ONU dormitories?
  - ONU has 8 dormitories. Some are old buildings, others – more modern, there are some that were completely renovated. The cost of living in each dorm varies depending on living conditions. The lowest living costs amount to 90-100 UAH per month ($12-$13). If all expenses are accounted for, there is even left enough for a ticket to the movies.
  - What can be said about the food in university cafeterias?
  - Every one of the university complexes has a cafeteria or a café, which are renting the space they are using and take on the challenge of feeding the students and staff. Unfortunately, they are all private enterprises. However, I have visited these cafes numerously and noted that the prices are affordable to students.

The press service of I.I. Mechnikov ONU

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