семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1995-2010

Valentyn Andreevych Smyntyna

  A well-known researcher in the field of Physics and Technology of Transistors, Sensory Electronics and Technology, Valentin Smyntyna is a graduate of the Odessa State University Physics Department. Professor Smyntyna is the author of more than 400 advanced studies, holds 12 patents for inventions. He is an editor-in-chief of the "Odessa National University's Herald" and the advanced study almanac "Photoelectronics". Under Valentyn Smyntyna's command a unique method of creating microelectronic gas sensors has been discovered. These sensors analyze the composition of the atmosphere and evaluate the content of chemicals.
  During Valentyn Smyntyna's rectorship 10 new departments started operating in the University, the number of sub departments increased up to 39, the number of students has reached 20,000. University's achievements in creating Ukraine's intellectual elite were assessed highly in 2000, when the university obtained "national" status by the President’s order. Since 2002 the Odessa University has been the leading scientific organization for carrying out complex research on Zmeiny - the only Ukrainian island in the Black Sea.
  In 2003 the rector Valentyn Andreevych Smyntyna was the first among rectors of Ukrainian higher education institutions to sign the Bolognese declaration, so ONU entered a new phase of development in a friendly environment of the family of European higher education institutions.